How to Prevent your Car Windows from Fogging or Steaming Up?

Published on September 10, 2016 , under Autos, How To Do, Science
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How to Prevent your Car Windows from Fogging or Steaming Up

In winters after few minutes of driving the window fog up now the question is why this happens ?
Answer: Windows fog up in car because the inside air in car is warm and humid relative to the glass which is cold, because of cold outside temperature. Its water condensing on the glass, its similar to what happens when you drink a cold drink on warm humid summer day and glass start collecting moisture. Humidity increases in car because of many reasons like passengers breathing, drinking hot coffee, or having hot pizza. The easiest way to clear those windows is using the defogger front and rear. The rear defogger heats up the rear window while the front can also blow hot air but in addition to that if we use air conditioning it reduces the moisture level in the car and hence stop windows fogging up.
In addition to these there are few more ways by which we can avoid fogging, as I already explained fogging happens when warm moist air gets in touch with cold glass surface and if we put some barrier in between than this problem can be resolved.

Today we are testing few products that are often used to stop steaming of glass and these products are.

1. Potatoes
2. Baby Shampoo
3. Hand Sanitizer
4. Shaving Cream
5. Interior glass anti fog treatment.
6. Tooth paste (Not shown in video)

We just divided glass in 6 section and applied each treatment and got amazing results with Shaving Cream, Interior glass anti fog treatment and Tooth paste. For more please watch this video.

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