How to make Scratchcards?

Published on November 12, 2016 , under How To Do, Videos
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DIY Scratch Cards

We all are familiar with scratch cards, they are often used in scratch game, scratch-and-win or instant game. Today I’m sharing an easy way by which you can create such scratch cards at home.

What You need?
Glazed paper
Liquid Detergent
Acrylic Paint
Wax or Candle

1) Take a glazed paper and fold it from center.

DIY Scratch Cards (1)

2) Draw circles (or any desired shape) on the inner right half of the paper.

DIY Scratch Cards (2)

3) Write your scratch gifts or numbers inside the circles.

DIY Scratch Cards (3)

4) Mix some liquid detergent and acrylic paint in a bowl by using a thin paint brush.

DIY Scratch Cards (4)

5) Rub the inside surface of circles on paper with wax or candle, so that little wax get attached to surface.

DIY Scratch Cards (5)

6) Fill the circles with liquid detergent and acrylic paint solution. If you wish you can pour some glitters on painted circles to decorate them.

DIY Scratch Cards (6)

DIY Scratch Cards (10)

7) Leave it for sometime to dry or dry it using a hair dryer.

DIY Scratch Cards (8)

Your scratch Card is ready. Play, Scratch and Enjoy!

DIY Scratch Cards (9)

Source: 5min crafts

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