DIY Headlights Restoration With Tooth Paste

Published on September 20, 2016 , under Autos, How To Do, Tutorials
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Headlight Restoration using Toothpaste (1)

Till early 80’s headlights are made of glass but after that as the technology advanced and the manufacturers started using polycarbonate plastic as it’s lighter, cheaper and more resistant to breaking. But there is a disadvantage too as polycarbonate plastic is a porous material and get clouds over, due to UV rays that degrade the outer layer of plastic. Mostly headlights come with UV protection but it also get deteriorate with time.
Today I’m showing you an easy way to restore your headlights with tooth paste (although its not the best and permanent treatment but the easiest for sure)

Note: It can only be used to restore headlights from outside.

Tooth Paste (With Baking Soda, if it doesn’t contain baking soda, you can add it)
Tooth Brush
Paper Towel
Wax Polish

1) Take a bunch of toothpaste and rub it all over the headlight. Rub it with tooth brush, the older, the more yellower, the hazy the headlights the longer you have to brush

2) Spray warm water and rub it with paper towel. Apply some pressure to buff it out. Sprat some water again and get a clean paper tower for final wash off.

3) After wash it off completely, apply some wax and this will provide a protective layer so that headlights don’t get yellow quickly again and keep the nice and clear. Take off the wax by rubbing it with soft cloth or paper towel.

Headlight Restoration using Toothpaste (2)

Your headlight restoration is done and you can see how much more clear your headlights are and this is by using just 1 coat of toothpaste. If you want to get ever more clear, you can use more coats.

For more details please watch this video:

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