D.I.Y Beautiful Mood Lamp

Published on September 29, 2016 , under How To Do, Innovation, Tutorials
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D.I.Y Beautiful Mood Lamp Video

We all love to decorate our home in festivals and for this festive season, we have a fantastic idea “Beautiful Mood Lamp” which you can make easily at home on ‘Christmas’ or festival of light ‘Diwali’. This lamp can be used for decoration as it looks beautiful when LED lights glow in it as well as without it.

What you need?
Round Glass Bowl
Glass Pebbles
White Modelling Clay
Glue Gun
White Adhesive Tack (Optional)
1 LED Bulb Or Fairy Light Or Color Changing LED Lights

1) Flip over the bowl and by using adhesive tack place the pebbles into position. This step is to make sure that pebbles are placed at right position and if you wish you skip this step and glue the pebbles straight onto the bowl.

D.I.Y Beautiful Mood Lamp (1)

2) Position them in hexagonal shape (Or whatever you like) until the bowl is completely covered.

D.I.Y Beautiful Mood Lamp (2)

3) Once the bowl is covered & pebbles are positioned, pinch pebbles one by one, remove adhesive tack and glue the pebbles back into place.

D.I.Y Beautiful Mood Lamp (4)

4) When the pebbles get positioned, its time to add the clay. Add little pieces of clay in between the pebbles. Once a small section get covered, clean the pebbles surface by using finger or if required use little water to wet your finger. Once its completely covered, left it for overnight for the clay to set.

D.I.Y Beautiful Mood Lamp (6)

D.I.Y Beautiful Mood Lamp (7)

5) Next day its almost done and insert a colored led bulb or light (whatever you like) attached to a light fixture into the open end. Your Beautiful Mood Lamp Is Ready.

D.I.Y Beautiful Mood Lamps

Hope you enjoyed, and please don’t forget to share your experience with us and follow us on Facebook and Youtube for updates.

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